Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Dance Shoe

By | January 30, 2018

Whether you dance for fun or for competition it is important to wear shoes that will give you the best performance and the most comfort. Here are five things to look for when choosing a dance shoe.

Most important in choosing a shoe is to find one that has the proper fit. Your foot should feel comfortable inside the shoe when placing your entire weight down into the ball of the foot. Take into consideration additional items that may take up space in your shoe such as the type of socks you may be wearing and if you will be placing any gel insoles into the shoes.
The sole of the shoe is important and may be specific to the dance style you are doing. For example, a suede sole may be good for ballroom dancing while a leather sole is better for Argentine tango dancing. It may also depend upon the type of floor you will be dancing on. Many dancers have several pairs of shoes with different soles to accommodate for different flooring.
Leather is superior to synthetic materials. Leather will be more flexible and comfortable for dancing. Man-made materials are usually cheaper but may not be worth the savings.
Decide on the heel height you would like. Your decision may be based on the dance style. For example, west coast swing dancers generally wear a low heel while salsa dancers and tango dancers wear higher-heeled shoes.
Look for current fashion trends by noticing what some of the more experienced dancers are wearing. Dance shoe styles may change from year to year just like they change for your everyday clothing. Take note of what is popular in straps, heels, colors, and open or closed-toe styles.

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