How to Get Ready for a Dance Competition

Mental Preparation before the competition
Sometimes, newbie dancers don’t realize the significance of the mental preparation for a dance competition. It is almost as important as the physical preparation or perfecting the routines. Clearing your mind and getting 100% focused on your dance competition may not be as easy as it seems. Clear your mind of all toxins and tap into your motivation before you get out on the dance floor. A couple of yoga classes, an hour of meditation or just a few hours of doing something other than dancing can do wonders for you.
The right motivation before a dance competition is almost as important as your dancing. While dancing, many amateur dancers put too much thought in the technical aspects. They get too focused on their routines, moves, ranking, and forget about having fun while dancing. Oftentimes it may make the dancer look stiff and effects their dancing in a negative way. Judges can usually tell when this is happening since it is so obvious for the trained eye. Try to keep technical thoughts only for training in the preparation phase. When the time of the competition comes, all you need to be focused on is the joy of dancing. The reason why all professional couples always look like they are having fun simply is because they actually do. In many cases that will help you dance your best and make you look better.
Try to keep your mind clear of last minute problems before your competition. Finding the best competition dress for yourself can be time consuming and sometimes quite frustrating, especially if you waited until the last minute. Start getting ready for your competition well in advance. You need to free your mind of unnecessary last minute worries that can affect your performance. The only thing your should be focused on is the upcoming competition and your dancing. Before the competition, stress levels go up. That is why you should find yourself everything you need – a dancing dress, dance shoes and accessories, well in advance. Sometimes dancers tend to get so absorbed by perfecting their routines, that they just leave all preparations for the last moment. And then before they realize it, there’s no time left for finding an appropriate ballroom dress. Very often it is very difficult to find an appropriate

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