Girl to Make Her Like You!

Sweet gestures are all well and good during a relationship. This is why men should all be for giving overwhelmingly cheesy tokens of affection, but the thing that most men fail to realize is that there are actually rules when it comes to giving gifts.

Think about it: What would happen if you gave a diamond necklace to a girl that you just started going out with? Sure, it may have seemed like a great idea at the time, and there is an amazingly good chance that she will be impressed, but what about in the long run? What will you do on her birthday? Or on your anniversary? Unless you can afford to buy her diamonds every other week, you will run into serious problems, culminating with the statement ‘you are so different from when we were first dating’. There are actually lots of relationships out there that have ended purely because the guy couldn’t keep up with the girl’s expectations.

The key to this is to space out your gifts and to give appropriately. The best way to avoid ‘over-giving’ is by not giving material things. Items that actually have value can be assessed in the future and are more susceptible to being weighed against what you gave to her previously. I’m not saying that you should never give her jewelry; just that you should give it occasionally and only when appropriate.

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