God Girls Would Worship

By | December 19, 2017

The very purpose of going to bed with a girl is to have mutual sexual satisfaction. It is imperative that both the partners achieve a climax and experience peak pleasure at the same time. The sexual act in itself does not satisfy girls and they need a lot more physical and emotional stimulation to experience an orgasm. Read on to discover three ways to satisfy your girl.

Although a challenge, pleasuring a girl is not as hard as some people think. First, make the girl feel comfortable and wanted. Demonstrate to her that she is the only one in your life and she makes you feel complete. Girls love to hear “I love you more than anything”, so say it more often.

Don’t get in the bed and begin lovemaking, take your time, girls love prolonged foreplay and appreciate your kisses and touches more than the sex act itself. Run your fingers all over her body teasing and tickling her lightly. Play with her breasts and draw circles with your fingers around her nipples for a few minutes. Touch her around the breast lightly and kiss her nipples ever so lightly. Plant small sensuous kisses all over her body and pay special attention to her navel, inner thigh and neck. Touching and caressing will give her immense pleasure and will make her tremble.

Once you enter her, slowly increase the speed till such time she calls your name and begins to move along with you. Girls take a long time to orgasm so hold on till she has had her fair share of excitement. If possible delay your orgasm and only let go when she is having hers. Say something romantic to her when you are both having an orgasm.

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