How Good at Dancing Do You Have to Be to Join a Dance Agency?

Finding a dance agency that will accept you on their books is one of the priorities for many dancers as they can be a good source of dance jobs. So how good to you have to be?

Dance agencies and dance agents represent professional dancers. Therefore you need to be professional standard. Professional means trained to a high standard and that you will look like a professional dancer to any client you are presented to.

Being professional is the bare minimum as there are other criteria for joining a dance agency. Every dance agency is different but they usually go for a certain type of dancer at each agency. Whilst one dance agency may only really take on dancers trained at dance college, another may represent dancers who are naturally talented and self-trained.

It is a good idea to do a little bit of research into the agency you are going to audition for so you can find out what they like to have on their books. Even look through their talent if they have a website and this’ll give you an idea of what images they like as well.

By going for a dance agency you are saying that you’re of professional standard. It also implies that you are open to work opportunities so should have good availability for auditions and castings unless dancing on another job at the time.

Occasionally a dance agency will take on a very talented student onto their books. Although a student is unlikely to have a good availability they may want to have them on their books for future once they’ve graduated. Or they may really like the dancer and want to send them to auditions during their summer breaks for example.

So what happens if you’re not at professional standard yet? Well don’t worry, keep on training and working your way up to professional standard. How do you tell you’re at professional standard? When you are dancing as good as professional dancers (watch video footage) or being successful at open auditions.

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