The Good Sensation Dance

Have you ever shared a blissful moment with someone, that you wished would never end because it felt so incredibly good? A feeling of intense connection? An endorphins rush of incredible magnitude? West Coast Swing (WCS) as a partner dance can deliver exactly that. However, for the right feeling to be achieved, certain techniques have to be learnt.

WCS can be inserted into the same category as other technique driven dances such as Argentine Tango. These styles need certain technique in order for the style concept to work. Also, with technique driven styles, an observer may not see any wow factor, but the dancers can sure feel it (it is like a secret sensation club). Furthermore, those who feel it know the hard work that is required in order to achieve the extraordinary sensations. To learn WCS, both patience and commitment are required. It may take awhile to reach the good feeling stage, but with a little persistence, it is well worth it.

Any person who has not done a dance style that requires a certain amount of technique (e.g., tango or salsa) should start learning WCS from the very beginner stage. Even those who have done technique driven styles should start from the beginning, even though follows may progress more rapidly. It is in this stage that determines if a person will ever achieve the climax. Some could very well get away with skipping this stage, or just have a brief encounter with it, but their dancing will plateau very quickly. No one will feel incredibly good dancing with them. There needs to be a fore-process to heighten the great sensation on the dance floor.

There is a huge difference between good sensation WCS and just going through WCS patterns without having grasped the concept. To explain the difference, consider this analogy: Imagine a delicious double chocolate mousse mud cake. You could have the cake that went through the batter and bake process. So in other words, the scrumptious final product. Or, you could have the same cake, but the ingredients have not actually been merged together or baked. So in other words, stuffing your face with flour, butter and chocolate. The first cake is good sensation WCS. Making the batter for the cake and baking does take time and effort, but in the end, it is preferable than just eating the raw ingredients. Some may even argue that the raw ingredients are not actually a cake. That is a very fair argument, and precisely the point.

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