Homes With HD Escape the Winter Blues

The weather outdoors has been shown to affect the mood of people indoors. A dismal, grey day tends to exacerbate feelings of sadness while a bright, sunny one can lift anyone’s spirits. Each of the four seasons has its own ups and downs, but winter is the most difficult to get through. Cold weather keeps people inside, dreaming of spring’s arrival. For those long winter months, there is nothing better than curling up and watching an HD movie in the warmth of your home.

Throughout history, art forms of all sorts have reflected the relationship between weather systems and disposition. Big storms have been associated with negativity or bad things happening. Just take ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939) as an example. Dorothy, upset and worried about the future of her beloved dog Toto, runs away from home and in her attempt to go back, finds herself in a tornado. She is knocked out by the storm, awakening in Munchkinland with its idyllic sunny days and colorful scenery.

If you have not yet seen this classic, look for it on satellite TV as it is one of the most viewed movies of all time. Created by the historic MGM, which now has an uncertain future, this film exudes the energy and warmth of young Hollywood. You can also catch Judy Garland as Dorothy, in what became one of her most famous films. ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ a song that Dorothy sings, is also packed with references to the climate as she dreams of going to the place where ‘skies are blue.’ Best of all, you can discover new details because ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was enhanced to high definition in line with its 70th anniversary.

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