Hoop Dance Yoga – A Fusion of Dance, Yoga, and Hula Hooping for Whole Health

By | February 5, 2018

Hooping is a modern movement art that combines the arts of dance, yoga, meditation, fitness, play, bodywork, and sacred geometry. Hooping is a popular movement art across the globe with classes, workshops, retreats, hoop gatherings, hoop jams, and in countries all across the planet.

The spiraling movement of the hoop massages your body as the pressure point of contact with the hoop cycles around the core. The dynamic movement of rocking the core creates fluid undulation the spine. The rhythmic and spiraling movements generated by the spine to keep the hoop going facilitate the natural movements of the healthy spine.

Spin + E(energy) = Spine

Our spines are happy and healthy when we are spinning the hoop and moving the energy in our bodies!

The rocking motion of the sacrum (the tailbone – the name sacrum is derived from sacred) stimulates the sacral plexus, a large mass of nerves stemming from the spinal cord to enervate the pelvis. This rocking stimulates a full-body relaxation, release of endorphins, calming of the nervous system, increases circulation to the pelvis, pumps the craniosacral fluid, and clears the energy centers of the body.

Moving and stretching with the hoop is a holistic workout for the integration of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Hoop yoga fusion flows are wonderful ways to energize your yoga practice.

The hoop is an ancient tool for movement play. Art from over 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt depicts a man with a hoop. People have crafted hoops from bamboo, rattan, stiff grass, and reeds for thousands of years. Native Americans have used rolling hoops for target practice and hunting games. Today Native American Hoop Dance is a beautiful and elaborate expression of the story of creation through intricate combining and dancing with multiple small hoops.

Hoops are also key tools in the Olympic sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Hoops are also a symbol of the Olympics as the logo in made from five hoops. Vancouver sold out of hula-hoops during the last Winter Olympics as people rushed to make hoop logos in the snow in front of their houses and businesses.

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