Be the Hottest Dancer Out There With the Greatest Dance Move Crazes of All Time!

Admit it. There was a song once upon a time that made you rise up from your seat and shake your booty like there was no tomorrow. It could have been 50 years ago or 5 minutes ago, but the point is nothing gets the body shaking like a really hot dance track straight from the depths of your speakers. Of course we may regret doing it afterwards, but nothing has gotten the whole populace moving like some of these amazing dance tracks:

– Asereje: 2002 was never the same after the advent of this hit by Las Ketchup. This Spanish language track that involved dances with crazy hand movements and hip gyrations was a smash hit and probably had you singing along to lyrics that you didn’t even understand. That’s what makes this dance track a part of this list! Although some religious groups have called ‘The Ketchup Song’ a Satanic song, it really got both young and old all over the dance floor, flinging away their inhibitions!

– YMCA: They may just be the biggest gay icons ever, but the Village People did more than just flaunt their sexual preference. The made really big dance hits that rocked their generation. Where would we be without such classics as ‘In The Navy’, ‘Macho Man’ and the one that started the worldwide craze: ‘YMCA’. Joining boys’ organizations was never the same after this song.

– The Robot: Thank Michael Jackson for this one (as well as countless other dance moves that involve nifty foot maneuvers and exaggerated gyrations/grabbing). This involves impersonating the stiff movements of a robot or mannequin. Though Jackson popularized it, this move was actually invented in the 1960s by Charles ‘Robot’ Washington. It goes well with almost any kind of dance music and is a party favorite until today!

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