How It All Started!

By | December 3, 2017

saying ‘hello boys’ because I think this is much of a girls story and you won’t be able to think in our shoes until you wear them, but still if you want to continue reading, then, welcome guests…

Hello Girls and Boys!

I girl working in an IT Industry at a quite good position, ummm, one should not blabber about herself so much, so, I am in an okay position. I own a bike, live in one BHK rented flat which I have decorated very much with all girls stuffs mostly in pink and green (both my favorite colors).

I have lots of friends and four best friends, every weekend we have a blast, sometimes this blast includes disc, boozing, dance, sometimes it includes cooking the best dishes that one can experiment at my place or some of my friend’s place, sometimes putting a open air grill in

balcony and simultaneously having cold drinks with a feeling of beer (I don’t allow alcohol in my apartment as it leaves a stinky smell behind… that’s yuckk) sometimes driving in our bikes without knowing what is our destination, in short there are many sometimes and only one many a times and that  But the sad part of this many a times is that, it lasts for only two weeks after our salaries are credited.

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