How to Be the Most Confident Girl

There are many dainty lamp designs that work well for a baby’s nursery. Candlestick lamps continue to be quite popular, as are lamps that look like small lanterns. You’ll also find small lamps with designer fabric shades that can add a decorative look to any little girl’s nursery. These shades are often interchangeable, so you can choose one that works best with the room’s overall color scheme. Small floral prints, pin dots, and storybook characters are all popular motifs for nursery lamps.

If you can’t find the perfect lamp, consider making your own. You can find lamp kits online, which can be a great way of creating a custom accessory for the nursery. You can also decorate a small plain table lamp so that it perfectly matches your nursery decor. Just be sure to attach all decorating accessories securely. This will prevent your decorations from being pulled off by tiny

fingers as your baby grows and becomes more mobile. It’s also fun to make your own decorative shade by using fabric, fringe, and other trims to accessorize a plain lampshade. You can even add your baby girl’s name to the shade with fabric letters or fabric paint for a very personalized touch.

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