How to Freak Dance

Freak dancing is a form of art that is too expressive and suggestive in nature. In common, parlance it is also referred as dirty dancing where two partners rub their pelvic portions with each other along with predominant movements of their respective hips. There are different variants of freak dancing but the most noted one is the Caribbean style.

The Caribbean use this form of dancing mainly during the carnival season and it has gained popularity across all ages and sexes.

Freak dance
is mainly a wild form of dance where two partners sensitize each other along with the music beat in a particular fashion. The core idea is to rub the groin of one partner with the butt of other in a synchronous manner along with the music beat.

Side to side- This is the form of freak dancing where the dancers stand beside one another and move their hips in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions as per music beats.

Sandwich- Sandwich is a form of group dance where two or more individuals of the opposite gender press one individual of a particular gender from all sides. Then in that fashion, only they dance along with the music beats.

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