Important Duties For Your Wedding Helpers

As part of planning the perfect wedding without breaking the bank there are many traditional roles for your wedding helpers. I’m going to suggest some extra jobs for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc to do so as to leave you time for the more important details.

Your wedding helpers are an important factor in the success of your wedding day. All too often it is assumed that once you’ve chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen then that’s that finished. But you can’t just leave them to stand around looking pretty, they are too important for that. Get them to work for the success of the day. They should be at the center of things, knowing what should be happening at all times, knowing who everyone else is and their role is in the day, knowing the timing for the day and knowing why every little detail is important to the success of your happiest day.

The guest overlooker: You need someone in your wedding helpers to know where everyone who has a part to play is at all times. When time comes for someone to make a toast, or start the wedding dances, or organise the garter auction, or the games for the children, etc: there is nothing worse than not knowing where that person is.

Activities co-ordinator: You will know who can handle this job! Who is the one who doesn’t mind being first on the dance floor, talking on a microphone or making a fool of themselves with a silly game. This is just the job for them!

The Tidiers: Probably best to have two guests for this. Once the partying has finished then everywhere you have used in the building will need checking for bags, purses, shoes, wallets, keys, coats, etc. So the main room, children’s room, cloakroom, kitchens (if used), games rooms are the obvious areas, but don’t forget under tables and behind curtains.

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