Intimacy – Slow Dancing

Do you ever just slow dance with your husband or wife in the privacy of your home as a way of being intimate or even as intimate foreplay?

My wife and I are in the business of sexual intimacy, so to speak. We each spend a considerable amount of time reading about, considering, working with and talking to others about issues of intimacy. Recently, we were discussing what couples perceive as foreplay (from a male vs. female perspective). The conversation turned to how we can more broadly define intimacy so as to bridge the gap between the physical focus of many men and the emotional focus of many women.

Then it occurred to us. One of the ‘acts’ of intimacy that we believe most perceive as intimate is slow dancing. Holding one another closely and being led by the rhythm and movement of a song that raises your sexual energy is hot! Body to body, emotional and physical transference of erotic energy is accomplished and each spouse is led into a state of arousal as each receives what they need…intimacy!

Studies show that human touch is a first language of sorts. With a right touch, small babies grow stronger, an unsettled toddler can be calmed, a troubled heart can be reassured and the grip of fear can be immediately loosed. The average adult has 19 square feet of skin with 5 million sensory cells. A lover’s touch sends a message to our brain via the spinal chord. Our heart beats quicker sending blood to critical areas of our bodies…including our erogenous zones. A number of good hormones are released promoting a feeling of pleasure and comfort, desire and arousal.

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