ION DDR Dance Pads – A Product Review

iON Metal Pads are the latest innovated technology for all Dance Dance Revolution fans. These beautifully designed and well engineered DDR dance pads have solid and sensitive arrows, that will give you excellent response and great game play. The advance wiring and sensitive buttons will translate to much higher scores and definitely no more delay. We were amazed of the quickness and accuracy the iON dance pads can register on every press of the buttons.

Don’t settle for anything less when practicing your moves on DDR. iON Metal Pads will give you the Dance Dance Revolution gaming experience from the arcade to your home. Now you can improve the DDR game skills in the comfort of your own room and show them off when you step into the arcade. Competitors/spectators will be amazed at your skill level after practicing on the iON metal pad.

With our bundle packages available, you are ready to experience an even more comfortable Dance Dance Revolution style of game play at home with these uniquely designed pads!

Who would have thought DDR couldn’t get any better? You must try them to believe it! iON Metal Pads and iON Arcade Metal Pads are the best metal dance pads ever created and the quality is superb! Again, GameAsylum.Com continues to innovate and find new solutions for our DDR game fans, and we are here to revolutionize Dance Dance Revolution metal dance pads.

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