Kashmir – Mystical Beauty of Rare Products

Kashmir is the enchanted valley in North India which ranges from The Great Himalayas to the ranges of Pir Panjal. With the sound of burbling rivers, charismatic waterfalls, serene lakes and lush gardens, the land can be stated as God’s own garden.

Kashmir has numerous places where the globe trotters can find magnetized tranquility and in depth beauty of Mother Nature in the form of mystical valleys, meadows, pine trees, fruits and very obvious snow!

Jammu & Kashmir offers a rich array of handicraft and handloom items. The artisans of Kashmir are infamous on making exotic products such as paper mache, woolen shrugs and sweater, mojris and many more. Generally produced from “Kutir Udyog” or “Cottage Industry”, these rare handicrafts and goods are globally renowned. Some indigenous products that are famous across the seas are Paper machete and other delicate designs, products of the handloom and handicraft industries which calls for the attention of every single visitor from around the world.

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