Kids Dance Class – Questions and Concerns

Kids dance class is a good physical activity for your child. Being in the class provides exercise, and is safer than playing a contact sport. Dancers do deal with aches and pains. Sometimes a wrong step can lead to serious injury. But in spite of that, dancing is still safer than a sport like football or wrestling.

1. Where can my child go for classes? Kid’s classes are taught in schools and studios in most cities. Look in the phone book to see what all is available. You are guaranteed to find at least one place that has classes for kids. Some city organizations even offer free classes from time to time.

2. What kind of dance can my child study? It depends on where your child takes the class. A big studio or school would probably offer all forms of dance. Ballet, tap, modern, hip hop and jazz dance are popular. A smaller studio might offer only one or two forms of dance.

3. What type of dance is best for a child? Most kids start out with ballet or tap. They either stay in those classes for a few years or switch to something else. A child can study any type of dance, but ballet and tap usually provide a good foundation.

4. Are classes expensive? Classes are not always expensive. It depends on where your child studies. Sometimes there are extra costs associated with the class. Schools that have formal recitals are usually the most expensive. Students might have to buy costumes, accessories, shoes and get certain hairstyles. You might also be able to find an organization that offers free or reduced costs lessons for underprivileged children.

5. Will I be able to attend class with my child? Yes, parents can attend classes. However, you will probably have to sit in the waiting room. Having parents sit inside the class might distract the students.

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