Life Of An Indian Girl

By | September 7, 2017

It has always been expected that I CONFORM: Conform to the code of body language; dress code; mode of speech… to be precise, my entire bearing had to be fashioned into a mould, closely monitored by those around so that I become a perfect “Feminine Role Model” for the family.

A girl is appreciated for being sincere in everything she does: her academic pursuit and her other accomplishments… but the moment she makes a clear expression of her independent mind, she becomes the centre of controversy! So it was natural that my independent quest for the truth and validity of the views expressed by the “authority” in the household, or the values imposed on me by the moral police around, always drew a flak!

A girl child is praised for her beauty, her comeliness, her impeccable manner and politeness in her demeanor in India but never ever for her individual expression which could be dangerously unique. An Indian girl from a conservative background like me is not expected to be “Unique!”

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