How to Live Like Christ

surgery. Dr. Kane believed local anaesthetic was much safer than general anaesthetic, and while many colleagues and patients agreed with him, no one was willing to be the first person to have an appendectomy under local anaesthesia. Because he wasn’t able to find a volunteer for the procedure, he operated on himself!Dr. Kane put his own well-being at risk to gain his patients’ trust and show his care for them. Jesus did the same thing. He humbled himself by taking on human form and subjecting himself to a cruel, human death.

The readings from Isaiah 50:4-9 and Philippians 2:5-11 talk about how we are live like Christ, including suffering for our faith. The reading from Luke’s Gospel talks about how Christ suffered for us so we can have a renewed relationship in faith with Jesus. Isaiah talks about the servant who submits to the father’s will. Paul tells us in Philippians to be like Christ. Christ was the suffering servant Isaiah referred to-the servant who submits himself to the father’s will and a cruel, painful death to save us.

Suffering tests our faith and our relationship with God. When we suffer, we often ask ourselves why God is allowing us to suffer. In cases of accident or sickness, we don’t have any choice in the matter. The suffering servant is suffering because he or she is God’s servant. Somehow the suffering servant has heard that his or her suffering is for the cause of right and therefore he or she believes that God will not abandon the one trying to be faithful.

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