How to Make a Girl Climax Multiple

To make a girl climax multiple times plain intercourse is not sufficient. You will need to stimulate her in different ways to give her multiple orgasms. The reason for this is that girl’s sensitive parts are not all in one place and are not stimulated enough by mere intercourse. To make sure your girl gets multiple orgasms and goes over the edge; implement the following tips….

Create the right ambience-

Your girl should be comfortable and having a clean clutter free bedroom is the least you can do. Change the sheets and light aromatic candles. Only porn actress are able to achieve multiple orgasms under the full glare of lights, instead use the dimmer and play soft instrumental music to get her in the mood. Begin by holding her close to you and do not rush. Kiss her passionately and caress her with her clothes still on. Slowly undress her and praise her naked body as you do it. This will set her up for an orgasm of her life.

Not many will admit it but almost all girls love it. After undressing her, make her comfortable on the bed and proceed to kiss her mouth, neck, shoulders, navel, pubis and vagina. Fondle her breasts till they become hard and she starts to breathe heavily. Now move towards her clitoris and stimulate her with your tongue, as you use your tongue observe her response and if she likes what you are doing keep doing it without changing the stroke or speed. Do not stop even if you get tired.

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