How to Make a Girl Hot

How to make a girl hot? The answer is easy… but only if you pay attention to what I am going to share with you here. The good news is that it does not matter even if you have a huge beer belly or you have been voted as the ugliest bloke in your yearbook. You just need to know how to TALK to a woman – in order to make her feel HOT and BOTHERED about you. Many guys don’t know this, but women are turned on by WORDS – unlike guys who gets erect by the sight of naked breasts and pink nipples. Read on to discover how you can turn a woman on using nothing but your words…

How To Make A Girl Hot – Make Her HORNY For Your Love Quickly By Using Nothing But Your WORDS Alone!

“Hint About Sex”. When you talk to a woman, use lots of sexual innuendos. “Force” her to think dirty thoughts by using sexual hints. She won’t be able to help it but to feel downright horny if you do this… if you use the right words. Remember that you need to be a little COVERT about this – do NOT say something direct such as “I want to tear off your bra and suck your little pink nipples right now”. Use the next tip on how to be covert…

“Use The Escape Clause”. Say, “I’ve got a friend who used to go up to women and say – I want to rip your panties off and lick you dry. Of course, I won’t do that – it’s rude!” By saying so, you would be hinting about sex, and at the same time NOT coming across as offensive.

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