How to Make a Woman Go Wild For You in Bed

The vast majority of women take on average a lot longer than men to reach orgasm. The female orgasm is much more mysterious than the male equivalent and much harder to reach unless its brought on correctly. To become a great lover a man must first learn how to get the women to orgasm. For those men still searching for the secret to unlocking their ladies orgasm this article is written with them in mind.

There are a few things you must do that are crucial to get your lady to climax.

Before you launch into making your woman climax, you need to warm her up and have her aroused by engaging in lots of prolonged foreplay and oral sex. This will allow the vagina to become naturally lubricated and ready for more.

Helping your lady to reach orgasm is usually a matter choosing one of two different paths. Path one will lead you down the track of helping your lady reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation. A clitoral orgasm is reached by flicking the clitoris with the tongue and / or rubbing the clitoris between your fingers or rubbing in a circular motion.

The second type of orgasm is reached via stimulation of the g-spot. The mythical G-spot, a ridge located an inch or two inside the vagina, is stimulated with penis or fingers until climax is reached.

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