Manto – A Movie That Has Forever Changed The Face Of Pakistani Cinema!

For a film to be able to grip your interest and keep it intact for each and every second that it moves, is the greatest achievement, and Manto is one such film, which without any contemporary songs/dances or posh dresses, keeps you focused for the entire two hours. And not even that but you take it home with you; a head full of the dialogues of the film and its depth. I am still awestruck at its beauty, uniqueness and excellence.

The biopic on one of the greatest Urdu writers, Saadat Hassan Manto, takes you right at the starting credit. And you are sure that what you are about to witness for the next two hours is surely nothing commonplace. The rest is history!! ‘Kaun Hai Yeh Gustakh’ playing in the background, as the movie starts, will give you goose bumps!!

Manto’s best afsanas are picked up smartly and dramatized amidst the main plot that revolves around the writer’s life; his struggles, conflicts in life, illness, addictions, controversies and all the different aspects of his professional and personal life. Even what goes in his mind and his fight with his astral self.

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