Marketing Tips For Actors – What to Say in a Cover Letter

Most agents are not looking for actors at the beginning stages of their careers. So, do your homework. Look them up in the Ross Reports, The Agencies, Google them! Then figure out what’s a match. Some offices are actively seeking athletes or those with foreign language skills or those who have a “model” or “soap” look…some prefer singers and dancers. Save time and target your prospective Agent. You’ll get more responses.

2. Make sure your stationary is 5×7, 6×9 anything that is smaller than 8 ½ x 11.
Why? It doesn’t fit to your 8×10 photo and is an overlapping mess. Some agents cut it down for you (nice). Others just toss your sloppy, wrinkled, edges-shredded letter in the wastebasket along with your resume and photo. QUICK HINT: Program the Page settings in Word so it is in LANDSCAPE . Make two columns and cut/paste (duplicate) what you say in the first column. Then cut the paper in half. You have two duplicate letters in about 5 ½ by 8/18…add a small photo & your contact info. Nice. And just large enough to attach with a paper clip. Neat, clean. Well done!
Get to the point and don’t waste a sentence on the obvious. Don’t start your letter with “I am an actress/actor and my name is… and I’m looking for representation….” duh! What do you think an agent thinks when reading that? idiot, moron, stupid. Cut to the chase. They KNOW you are an actor. Who else would send them your photo/resume? Don’t go into exquisite detail about your childhood on the farm in Iowa, your favorite show tunes from ALL of Rodgers And Hammerstein, how you got to NY after a tedious bus trip, how many character roles you played in junior high….Instead, Talk About:

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