Misbeliefs And Realities About One Of The Hottest Stag Party Locations In Central Europe – Budapest

By | January 15, 2018

Since Hungary joined the EU in 2004 the entry has opened up to low cost airlines, including the ones from the UK that carry most of the stag groups to Budapest. The number of groups choosing Budapest for their stag party location has rapidly increased and is still growing.

Traveling abroad is generally quite stressful for most people. So if you are traveling for a stag weekend with another 10-15 hard-to-control mates of yours who are dead hungry for fun, and your stag party destination is Budapest – that is in Eastern Europe -, you might consider to try to find as much information on your destination as possible for the sake of avoiding problems and having a fantastic time.

You might have heard many rumours about Budapest. Some people, even those who have never been here will tell you horror stories, some the opposite. We all know how important word of mouth is even though it might not entirely reflect the reality. Some people will be disappointed with Budapest, however, the most will be delighted.

Many people will tell you that Budapest is just like Prague being crowded and overwhelmed by British stag groups. In reality Budapest is much larger and can easily absorb three or four times more visitors than Prague. What is more, while Prague has a tiny, compact central area, Budapest has a sprawling city center spread over more than 25 square miles.

Some people will question public safety in Budapest and tell you horror stories about Eastern European cities including Hungary’s capital. As a matter of fact Budapest is generally a safe and relaxed place. It is like a western European city; forget the horror stories you have heard. Violent crime is rare and generally crime in Budapest is low by Western European standards. You are unlikely to have any problems during your stay if you follow the basic rules you wouldn’t forget in other major cities. Racism or xenophobia is not too very common an occurrence here either. Petty crime however is common, but is mainly limited to pickpockets and petty theft. According to the British embassy’s information: “The main type of incident for which British nationals required consular assistance in Hungary in 2006 was petty crime, often including the loss of money and/or passports.”

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