By | September 12, 2017

Beauty Aids: You’ll be cleaning and caring for the skin that will be in makeup for long days of performing. This means you’ll need makeup remover wipes, tissues, cotton pads, moisturizers, and skincare products. If you know that you have a razor and shaving cream packed it will spare you the panic when you realize you have forgotten to shave! And of course be ready for a broken or torn nail with a nail clippers and file, nail polish remover, and clear nail polish.

Hair Products: Having hair gel, hairspray, hairnets, and bobby pins will allow you to keep your hair in order. If your look requires hair pieces, hair jewelry, or hair glitter double check that you have packed them in your bag as well. Finally a spray bottle of water, brush, hair dryer, and curling iron will help you complete your hair. Well executed hair will eliminate one more distraction between you and your performance.

Costume Stuff: Check that you have all of your costumes; this includes the head/arm/leg/and body pieces. You’ll need all the jewelry or props you may be responsible for. Spare yourself from having to tear through bags or ask everyone around you when a fabric emergency hits, pack a mini sewing kit and thread that matches all of your costumes. This sewing kit needs to include needles, safety pins, and scissors.

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