Mujra Wedding Dance

In the late 1990s cum early 2000s, the whirlwind visit of the makossa dance swept through the African continent like a volcano. The makossa dance step conquered virtually every African nation Nigeria inclusive. The makossa dance which originated from a certain French-speaking West African country was Nigeria’s most imported commodity at that time (late 1990s cum early 2000s). The makossa dance engulfed every Nigerian child, youth and adult in various ways. It became so trendy that it eliminated the galala dance step which was the masses’ choice whenever a party was thrown at them.

Prior to the advent of the makossa dance, the galala dance was the official dance in every Nigerian ghetto community. This dance style was highly promoted by prominent Nigerian acts who happen to be an offspring of the ghetto community. Some notable acts that stood tall to promote the galala cause include Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo & African China.

When the makossa dance gained an awesome recognition and loud ovation in the country, the suo dance began to take its toll. The suo dance gradually substituted the makossa dance which paved way for its entrance into the Nigerian entertainment scenario. I thought that the suo dance will enjoy a lengthy reign as Nigeria’s official ghetto dance style. The suo dance which was flaunted and promoted by artists like Danfo Drivers (mad melon and mountain black), Marvelous Benjy et al. entailed the lowering of the waist and the swinging movements of the hands like someone about to start a generator set.

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