My Particles Are Dancing!

Rumi certainly had a way with words. Dancing is the motion of freedom; it connects me to the sound of my inner music, which is constantly playing in awareness.
Rumi was the original dancing mystic; he connected to his inner self by twirling, and this dance became the art of worship for his followers. Dancing has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to honor and worship a higher power.

Dancing takes me to a free zone where I can be myself and share my freedom with others. My body moves in gestures of playfulness and lighthearted actions that come from within me. I am in another place; a place of well being where there is only a feeling of my spirit gliding through the air of physical existence. Dancing is the art of lifting my ego to the door of awakening.

Dancing makes me feel good; it brings out another part of me that bonds with the world around me. I am a particle of ecstasy floating with other particles that reach out and touch the stars. Dancing with the stars I become one of them in the artful movement of oneness. My consciousness is free to focus on other moments of reality and refresh my purpose of existence. The dance changes me into what I have always been but forgot I am; a dream of grand expansion.

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