OMG My Great Dane Ate His Poop

I could not believe it when I saw him do it. But sure enough there he was with a mouthful of his own poop, how disgusting it was! So I did what I always do, I Googled it and here is what I discovered. The act of eating poop has a technical word; coprophagia and means simply that dogs eat poop and that it is a natural thing too.

They do not have the social considerations that people do, this means that they do not look at poop as something bad. To them it is just another taste sensation. Mom dogs eat it to keep the den clean from their puppies waste.Puppies may see their mom doing it and so they do it tooPuppies eat it because it has the same texture of the food they eat
Your dog may not be getting the right vitamins and minerals in his diet and is eating to get them.
Some dogs eat poop to hide something they feel they should not have done, this is especially true for the dog that has been disciplined poorly for any pooping mistakes he has made in the past.Boredom is a good way for dogs to start playing and then eating their poopDog may have worms and simply feel hungry all the timeDog may be seeking attention. Like children any attention is better

than no attentionDog may be lonely and feel stressed or anxious. If you dog is locked up alone for long periods of time poop eating can become a habit and a way they de-stress.Dogs are notorious scavengers and will eatSome foods do not break down in poop and so they eat it again.Dogs will eat cat poop because it is more nutritious. Cat food contains many higher nutrients andmoreprotein that the dog is missing.

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