Pakistani Music: Not What You’re Picturing

When I think of the Middle East, I think of a bunch of people walking around with long robes on covering all of their bodies. I also think of snake charmers and very simple musical instruments creating very simple musical tones. However the music scene in Pakistan has no resemblance of the picture I just described. Pakistani music has been redefined over the past decade, and turned into a more pop/rock genre than anything else. Some of the most famous singers in Pakistan have also been in movies. Does this sound similar to the entertainment industry in the United States? Here are a few of the most popular singers in Pakistan right now: Ali Azmat, Josh, and Natasha.

Ali Azmat is the lead singer of the band Junoon and is probably the most famous and loved musician in Pakistan. Fans travel from around the country to see his concerts and they cheer the entire time he is singing. His popularity rivals the Beatles during their hay day. The biggest reason that people love him in Pakistan is that he was a rags to riches story which everyone there can relate to. He decided to go after his dreams and after struggling for a while, was able to achieve them.

Josh has exploded on the pop/rock scene in Pakistan with his good looks and original sound. He blends traditional Pakistani music with the new pop/rock sounds of today. Josh is also very popular with many people all over the globe, because of his many remixes that he has performed with Nelly Furtado. I think that Josh will continue to stay popular with the younger generation in Pakistan, and might even top some of the charts in other places around the world.

Natasha is another very talented and beautiful musician from Pakistan. Her music is very smooth and sounds good in any situation. However to me the reason that she is so popular is because she is very beautiful. Pakistan is a great place, because they have slowly started to remove all of the restrictions placed on women and are allowing them to strive towards equality. All in all Pakistani music has evolved greatly recently, and they are starting to make a splash on the world stage.

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