Make certain that everything stays in place, not only on your costume, but also on you by packing not only hot glue or super glue, double sided tape, and body adhesive. Rips, scuffs, or snaps are no longer a worry if you pack shoe polish to match your shoes, spare tights in the appropriate color, and a spare set of clear and tan bra straps.

First Aid: To guarantee that the occasional bump, scrape, or pain won’t take you out of your game, you have to come with the correct first aid supplies. Antacid, Tylenol, and Dramamine are good basics to start with. In addition clear Band-aids, Neosporin, Icy Hot/Biofreeze and instant ice packs can be very helpful. And also remember to pack an ace bandage. When performing in an ace bandage cover it with foundation so it matches your skin and so it will draw as little attention as possible.

Food/Drink: Resist fast, easy, and unhealthy food that will weaken your performance by having snacks on hand. Water and juice boxes will help keep your energy up through the day. Food that is portable and won’t stain such as veggies, granola bars, cheese sticks, raisins, trail mix, or goldfish are good choices.

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