The Perfect Father Daughter Dance – Brides, You Are On Your Own For This One!

The Father-Daughter dance is probably one of the hardest parts of the entire wedding process. The father will inevitably loose it, the bride will smear her make up, the guests will gush over the entire song and if done right, no dry eye will be evident in the room. This dance represents the true “giving away” of the bride. Sure, at the ceremony the dad and mom responded to that classic question: “who gives this women to this man?”… “We do.” But, it is not until the dance that the emotion flows and the tears run and the heart beats fast.

This dance represents the true leaving and cleaving and for the father, it will literally rip his emotions out of his heart. No longer will he be the most important man in his little girl’s heart. From now on, everything has changed, everything has changed. SO… It is really important for a bride to choose this song well. Sure you can ask your dad about his opinion, but he will not be honest. He will be afraid to have you pick too mushy of a song as he wants to appear strong. And you know how hard it is for your dad to express emotion in front of people, let alone a whole room of people focused on just the two of you!

He will not advise you because he knows deep down in his heart, decades of emotion will flood into his soul when he hears the music and he takes your hand and starts to dance. He knows that at that time, during those three or four short minutes, he will have flashing through his heart, mind and soul your whole life and how much he loves you.

He will remember the day you were born. He will think about the times he held you tight in his arms when you were sick. He will recall your first skinned knee. He will see in his mind the school bus driving away when you started school. He will remember your first romantic breakup and how he wanted so much to heal your broken heart. He will relive the day when you came in and had that gleam in your eye about the man you knew would be “THE ONE”.

Brides, you are on your own with this decision. Only you know how your father loves you. Only you have that special place in your heart for him. Only you know how to tug at his heart and bring down the curtain on his soul with this short but special father-daughter dance.

So, spend some time alone. Look for songs that symbolize your relationship with your dad. Listen to your heart as you listen to the lyrics. And imagine how special your song will be for you and your dad. And keep it a secrete. Hold it in your heart until the DJ or band announces it. Go over to your daddy and look into his eyes. Tell him how special he is to you. Tell him how much you love him. Tell him how much you appreciate all he has taught you. Tell him how much you appreciate his blessing on your marriage. Because, this is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your daddy’s life.

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