Pet Hair Has No Chance!

Let’s face it, we let our pets do things in our homes that we would never allow our children or anyone else to do…and that is because we love our pets and are willing to put up with things that we would normally never put up with. But one thing that seems to drive people crazy is pet hair in their carpets, on the upholstery, on the drapes, or about anywhere else. People just hate pet hair! The Miele Cat and Dog comes to the rescue!

The Miele Cat & Dog comes to the rescue!

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your carpet and home is to vacuum on a regular basis. But there are vacuum cleaners that are better suited for getting that pet hair out of your carpet and the Miele Cat and Dog vacuum is one of those vacuums. This vacuum was MADE for removing pet hair.

What makes the Miele s516 Cat and Dog so good at removing pet hair?

There are two main issues with any vacuum cleaner and they are below.

The strength of the motor
The ability to remain UNPLUGGED
This Miele vacuum has a very strong 1200 watt motor that is also amazingly quiet. When you first turn this vacuum cleaner on you might actually think there is a problem with it! The vacuum barely makes any noise, or it at least is a lot more quiet than most vacuum cleaners on the market.

But it does not matter how strong the vacuum motor is, if you have a vacuum that easily plugs up you’ll soon be using a vacuum cleaner that is barely removing anything from your carpet, let alone that tough to get pet hair.

Unique Air Filtration System for the Miele Cat & Dog

Not only does the Miele Cat and Dog vacuum filter particles down to a very small size with the HEPA filter, but it also has a odor control system that makes sure any air being blown back in through the vacuum motor exhaust is odor free. We all have smelled cleaner exhaust that smells dirty…well the Miele Cat and Dog does a great job of avoiding this problem through the filtration system.

This is a very good vacuum cleaner that is well thought out and does what is is supposed to do.

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