Popular Types of Modern Dance

Modern dance is becoming more and more popular these days. This is because it serves as means to express the emotions of dancers. In addition to that, this is also a form of fitness exercise that one can do in order to improve their stamina and health. In fact, there are some dance schools in the world that incorporate the different types of modern dances in their curriculum. If you are not aware of the many sorts of contemporary performing arts, sit back, relax and learn the popular types present nowadays.

Broadway Dance

One of the most popular types is Broadway dance. This is different from the usual picture of modern dance in your mind. This form of entertainment is what you commonly see in Broadway musicals and shows on televisions. This is composed of simple, yet energetic movements oftentimes based on the song that is being sung by the artists.


Jazz is also one of the most common types of modern dance practiced by lots of dance enthusiasts from all over the world. This is a kind of dance which is composed of different movements like gymnastics, jumps and other movements. Usually, pupils of jazz classes are assembled at the center of the dance room and they are asked to perform simple stretching and related movements. Often it may look improvised like Jazz itself.

Contemporary Dance Contemporary is also one of the common types of modern dance and is almost synonymous in term. This is the type which requires the dancer to possess great physical strength. This is because the core muscles are being used here in order to sustain the movements.

This kind of modern dance is slower as compared to jazz. There are also slow contractions as well as movements having swinging quality. For contemporary dancers to be prepared, they are first asked to undergo a ballet class. Yet, this does not mean that dancers should undergo formal ballet training.

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