The Power of Poetry in Romance

Romantic poetry uses words, rhythm, imagery, and metaphor to express feelings with lyricism intended to kiss the heart of its recipient. It’s never out of fashion. Since the dawn of modern civilization, poetry has been written to bring understanding to deep, heartfelt thoughts, desires and unvoiced sentiments. It allows us to speak our hearts, without uttering a word.

The tradition of romantic poems goes back some thirty-five centuries ago when Arab love poems told the tales of longing for unattainable ladies, who, at that time, were segregated from the rest of society. Yes, we can trace the development and significance of these love expressions through the European minstrels, ancient Greek and Egyptian poets and in the great love stories far and wide.

There is a universal understanding that poetry is a very special way of communicating our thoughts; of allowing that special person to grasp our inner most emotions. As a part of the courtship ritual, poetry has stood the test of time in its ability to reveal love, affection and consuming passion. We don’t need to look any further than the heart-wrenching love story of Cyrano and Roxanne to appreciate how poetry defined their interactions.

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