Psychoanalyzing the Gossip Girl Cast of Characters – Knowing Chuck Bass

By | November 28, 2017

Successful, hot, and loaded—Charles “Chuck” Bartholomew Bass from the most successful teenage show to date, Gossip Girl, is gaining so much attention from fans all over the world. With his undeniable good looks and charisma, this fictional character comes alive through the enthusiasm of millions of fans all over the world. This is very evident in the way Gossip Girl fan sites revere Chuck Bass and other Gossip Girl cast of characters, turning them into living, breathing and walking icons of primetime television.

He’s a womanizer, morally bankrupt and manipulative. Nonetheless, Chuck Bass is one of Gossip Girl cast of characters we love to hate. Some of his devious manipulative tactics are blackmailing Serena about her self-imposed exile, attempting to rape the young Jenny Humphrey and constantly mocking Dan Humphrey his mortal enemy. But then again, his conniving ways of getting what he wants has a strange appeal like a forbidden fruit that we’re told not to eat. He has the charisma of a boy your parents wouldn’t want to meet or even be seen with you. To put it strongly, Chuck is every parent’s nightmare in the flesh.

Behind his appealing eyes and debonair looks hides a troublesome man who has spent most of his early years engaging in teenage drinking and premarital sex. The son of a wealthy businessman, Chuck enjoys a life of luxury that some of us might only experience in our dreams. Night after night of hanging out with the coolest crowd in the most expensive places opened his juvenile eyes to the troubles of his generation. In the mix of the parties and drinks, a constant fight with self-destruction and the urge to go the straight and narrow befalls him.

However, when the parties are over and all the booze is gone, Chuck faces the gnawing pain of being a failure in his father’s eyes. His mother died upon giving birth to him, leaving him affection-deprived with his father. When fear and loneliness envelop him, he turns to the best known remedy to him—booze, women and his best friend Nate. Despite being known as the resident bad boy in his circle, Chuck shows his soft side when it comes to Nate and soon enough, Blair, Nate’s girlfriend.

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