Punjabi Poetry Books – Portrayal of Punjabi Culture

When we talk about Punjabi culture, lots of things come to our mind such as Punjabi music, cuisine, dance and traditions. But one thing that is simply unforgettable is the poetry. The sophistication of this culture and its influence can be easily seen in the Punjabi poetry books. Its history dates back to 11th century when first literature was found in the fragments of old writings. Interesting? Let’s dig some more about it and its relevance with the vast Punjabi culture.

Punjabi poetry, in its nascent form, emerged under patronage of Shah Sharaf, Ali Haider, Shah Hussain and Bulleh Shah, as Sufi poetry. Over the time, it has undergone several developments and what we read today is the modern poetry. Most of these books are full of rich traditional verses that bring the true Punjabi culture in front of you. It was first written in Mahajani Script, derived from Sanskrit, when there was no official script for Punjabi language. Later on, when second Sikh Guru Angad Devi Ji invented the script Gurumukhi, it gave a new direction to Punjabi literature and poetry.

Some of the eminent poets who have taken the Punjabi poetry to new horizons are Amrita Pritam, Mohan Singh, Pritam Singh Safeer, Bawa Balwant and Santokh Singh Dhir. Additionally, some of the eminent poets of modern era are Shameel, Harcharan Singh Gill, Parminder Musafir, Shiv Kumar Batalvi and Sukhwinder Amrit. All of these have contributed to the development of Punjabi poetry books in their own ways.

Punjabi poetry started blossoming right from the British Raj in India, which focused on Indian freedom movement and nationalism. The credit of adding diversity into Punjabi poetry books goes to Mohan Singh, Chatrik and Puran Sigh, whose poetry added a flavor of modernism, romance and Sensuality. Modern Punjabi poetry books clearly reflect the far long journey by the poets.

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