The Real Story Of Money

You may have heard these quotes before, but have you truly considered what is being claimed? Were Henry Ford and Thomas Jefferson paranoid crackpots? Or perhaps, were they simply more aware than the average citizen? It’s an important question, not only from an historical perspective, but in direct relation to your personal wealth and freedom.

Few people understand the true nature of money and finance, and for that very reason, few people are able to gain or maintain wealth today. Instead, the average American lives in a state of servitude to a mortgage, taxes, and a job. At any moment, everything can be taken away if a constant cash flow is not paid. The middle class’ current situation is not very different from historical serfs or indentured servants. How did this happen and who is the beneficiary?

Look at the tallest buildings in any city or town throughout history. They always belong to the ruling class. Today, the skyline of most large cities is dominated by banks. Incredibly, all of this wealth was basically created out of nothing. That’s right, our enormous financial industry, which rules the country economically, has arguably never made a single product of value. Just remember, when nothing is created there must be a loser for every winner. The loser in this case has been the average American. Without even knowing it, the middle class has had its prosperity and freedom siphoned away to support the financial establishment.

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