The Romantic Gift of Dance

From the beginning of time, dance has been a societal activity. Dancing in groups was popular and dances were open, no close proximity touching of partners. In the nineteenth century, about 1880, a dance, the tango, emerged in Buenos Aires. It was born in the poor areas and brothels of the city and made its way gradually into the upper class homes of the rich. Argentina was a very rich country and many of its inhabitants had vacation homes in Paris and London. They took the tango with them when they went abroad.

The origin and meaning of the word tango appears to have come from an African word. Its translation by Europeans and others in the Americas was “a closed space where Negroes gather to dance” and then later the name of the dance.

The tango that was born in the brothels of Argentina had overt sexual undertones and many considered it vulgar. As it moved from class group to class group, the dance changed. The main ingredient of the dance, the connection between the two partners, did not change. It evolved into a more sensuous, acceptable form in society. If you watch ballroom dancing competitions, you will see the tango performed by the contestants. This is a diluted version of the dance.

Dancing itself is a romantic activity. When you dance, you are in close proximity of your partner. You move for and with each other. A truly romantic gift for Valentine Day is Argentine Tango lessons for the two of you. After you have learned the dance, create a romantic setting for the two of you:

Create an invitation for your loved one, inviting them to dinner and dance.
Purchase a CD of your favorite tango music.
Prepare a meal of their favorite food.
Add candles and flowers to the table.
Use your best china, silverware, and crystal.
Push back the furniture in the living room for dance space.
Eat your romantic dinner.
Dim the lights.
Work off your romantic dinner by dancing the Argentine Tango.
End your evening of romance in a way that suits the two of you.
The Argentine Tango is one of the most sensuous and romantic dances in the world. Each partner must concentrate and focus on the presence, the body, and the emotions of their partner. They must feel each other. The Argentine Tango is a dance in which the partners can express their desire and longing for each other.

What a truly wonderful romantic gift for Valentine Day or any time of the year.

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