Why Do Russian Women Want to Date Foreigners?

Are you really sure that Russian women want to leave their native country for life in America? In this article I want to talk about three points on why Russian women like to date and marry foreigners. Foreigners offer different options compared to native Russian men. These options are better family life, better economic situation, and it’s safer to raise a family. These are all valid considerations for Russian women when choosing to marry someone overseas. Let’s go over these situations now.

Better family life

The situation in Russia with the ratio of men to women is totally skewed. Women find it very difficult to attract a genuine strong male. In fact, finding a male to settle down and start a family is next to impossible. With men in Russia having so many options their attitude is why settle down when I can date a new girl every week, or month.

The Russian women find foreign men better at starting a family. Foreign men are more loyal, financially secure, and wanting to settle down. This is not to say every Russian man is like this, but it is very rare to find this in Russia.

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