Saadhi – Conservative But Awesome Dress

By | December 3, 2017

Different reigns of women have different types of most favorite attires those they want to wear on every event and occasions. Saadhi is a dress that is most worn by Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan women and girls. Especially over age women love to wear that attire because it suits their sober and decent personality and age. But young women and girls also look pretty and hot when they wear Saadhi. This dress is mostly worn by typical Indian women or you can say

that it is an identification of those women because they wear it very much. Western women or women of other countries do not like to wear those types of clothes because they think that it does not suit their society. They are right because when you will watch a woman or a girl wearing that outfit then you will not find it much decent and attractive. That is much convenient and suitable option for Indian and Pakistani women but most of Pakistani women are not allowed to wear these kinds of clothes. People are much conservative and fundamentalist in those reigns so they do not let wear modern and bold dresses to their women and girls.

Indian top class family’s women do not wear saadhies much because they have keen interest in wearing western and modern garments. They think that they feel much comfortable and easy in those kinds of clothes because these types of dresses are designed for happiness for a common person. But on the other hand saadhi is a nice and awesome eastern outfit but women do not feel much comfortable in it because it does not help them to show their beauty. You can not change minds and thoughts of other people but you can guide them for a right path so never leave your way of advising.

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