Salsa Dance Class: How to Get Most Benefits From Group Lessons

A group salsa dance class can help one hone skills if they make the most out of it. Here are some tips to insure that you extract the most benefits from your group dance class.

Even if you have studied salsa for a long time, you will still learn something from the class. The skill you acquire is not through pattern. Rather, it is the skill that creates the pattern. If you have the basic skills, that will form the foundation for the various salsa steps you execute later. This is the reason why you need to focus on the basic steps rather than memorizing the steps in a dance performance.

If you do not keep an open mind you will not be able to grasp the lessons well. This is because you only choose to accept what you like instead of what is right. A close mind will impede your learning.

You will always learn something new from another teacher’s class. Schools have different level systems. For instance, the level 3 in School A might not be the same with School B’s level.

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