Sarees Vs Salwar Suits For Parties

By far, the most interesting and thought provoking debate that has urged the Indian women to wear their thinking cap, is that what makes the perfect wedding wear? Salwar suit or Saree? While sarees seem to have fetched slower caps for a number of good reasons, salwar receive plaudits for being convenient and easy to wear. Drawing a wide margin, between Saree and Salwar let’s have a close analysis into both of these ethnic wears.

Continuity in design and pattern

Saree’s accompaniments lime the petticoat, blouse have all remained more or less same, though the texture it fabrics night have changed over the decades. It’s still the measured with 5 yards and suits everybody chubby and skinny alike. Sarees speak pure ethnicity.

On the other hand, salwar suits have undergone a dramatic change over the years. Some are long, some are short. Some have Paisley cuts while some have angrakha cut.

Accompaniments of the saree are the blouse and the petticoat which have more or less been constant for so many years. The designs might change and the fabrics, textures and embroidery may go over a period of change but the three things: saree, blouse and petticoat remain constant. While you can choose from a large variety of cuts and length from your salwar kameez, you have to stick to that same old look when it comes to a saree, though you’re now open with innumerable draping and blouse design options.

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