Say Always Consistent

There is a Native American legend that says – you will only get into Heaven leaning on the shoulders of someone you helped while you were here. So I figure if I have helped a few million people around the world as a speaker and author I will have a better shot. Well I once told this story to an audience and at the end someone came up to me and said they were offended by the analogy of Native Americans and Heaven. So I asked them if they were also offended by my hiking story and its reference to nature and courage and they looked at me like I was crazy. I decided to ask them one more – that if my reference to my favorite color being Kelly Green offended them and guess what – they just walked away from me and the conversation.

My good friend Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once told me while we were having a very serious conversation.

“Tim if you believe and you are right you have everything to gain. If you are wrong you have nothing to lose. If you don’t believe and you are wrong you have everything to lose.”I was once told by a client that I couldn’t use the word God during my keynote presentation. I asked them what other words or illustrations were off limits. They said – nothing that was it. I told them to find another speaker.

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