Secrets to Successfully Pick Up Smoking Hot Women

One of the Secrets about picking up women is that HOT women usually get approached by a lot of the wrong type of guys. By that I mean that there are below average looking guys with a lot of BALLS and have nothing to lose by trying to pick them up. The really beautiful women also get hit on a lot by drunk guys in bars and clubs.

The reason I’m telling you this is, is that I want you to understand that if you’re a decent looking guy and can hold a good conversation then you have nothing to lose by approaching the 10’s. Most of the time the women who are really beautiful don’t think that they are that beautiful. Also many guys feel very intimated to approach these types of women. You on the other hand will not get intimidated and instead will come across to her as a cool and friendly guy.

Make sure you maintain good eye contact at all times. When you do this you also want to make sure you smile at her. This will convey to her that you are friendly and approachable. Don’t just stare at her and do nothing. She will think that you are either a creep or stalker. Not the type of message you want to freaking send her right?

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