Seducing Your Dance

Many men can develop a romantic (or at least sexual) interest in their dance teacher. They then of course have thoughts about seducing her. This is not uncommon or unsurprising. If you spend that much time with a woman and get that close to her, then you will of course start to think about her in this way. Chances are your dance teacher is very attractive too. Most dance instructors are attractive: both physically and personality wise. Dance is a good form of exercise (especially if you do it as a job) so your dance teacher likely has a very good body. Most people interested in dance also have a very good sense of presentation and style, so she probably also does her makeup well and dresses well. This would simply add more to how attractive she is. But what might be even more

attractive is her personality. Because dance exudes a lot of sexuality and is very traditional with regards to gender roles your dance teacher will likely have a very engaging and attractive personality. Put all of this together and it is small wonder that you are attracted to her. She is also going to be nice to you, because you are a customer, and this will make you feel that you have a chance. This combination of high attraction and a feeling of potential will make you give serious thought to the possibility of seducing your dance teacher.

So you are now at a place where you want to know how to seduce your dance teacher. Before I talk about this some more I want to review the situation. You probably already sense that this is different from other situations where you have wanted to pick up a woman. This is probably why you’ve ended up reading this article. So what issues are there unique to picking up your dance teacher?

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