Selecting the Belly Dance Style That’s Right for You and Master Belly Dancing Improvisations

There are many forms of belly dance. One form of belly dance is known as the Egyptian style or the Cabaret style. A cabaret dancer is dressed up in dazzling, sequined costume. Some professional dancers also use a fan, a veil and sometimes a candelabra over their head. Frequently they shimmy one particular body part by pointing at it in a laughing manner. Flirting is in the air of this style, as the dancer often flirts around with the audience by smiling shyly.

Another popular style of belly dance is the American Tribal Style. This style of the dance is believed to be the creation of Carolena Nericcio. She blended movements from Middle Eastern and Indian folk dances, created some standard choreographed ‘phrases’, which were absent before and also created a signaling system used by the lead dancer to community with the group. The use of the signals helps the tribe to make coordinated movements along with the music.

The third distinct style of belly dance is known by the name of ‘tribal fusion’. The groups who dance in this style use different movements from the American Tribe Style, and they also have a similar system of signals or cues consisting of phrases.

This style takes styles from other forms of belly dance including swing steps, Latino movements and other choreography.

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