Setting the Importance of A Dancewear

It is often said that the main objective of dancing is to tell a story through the use of movement. A dancer is touted to be capable of conveying feelings with dance moves the same way a poet expresses his thoughts and emotions with words. Through the years different cultures developed an assortment of dance forms whose significance ranges from ritualistic to modern expression. As important as understanding how to execute the different moves that make up a dance routine is, it is also vital for a performer to know how dancewear can give the routine pizzazz.

Thinking about what to wear to a wedding is similar to deciding what dancewear to put on for a particular event. Depending on the dance genre to be performed, certain apparel work for certain types of dance. Certain clothes or costumes are traditionally worn for different dance forms, such as ballet, jazz, or tap dance, and many of the specific dancewear worn for one type of dance cannot be worn for another. In the same way a tap dancer would look strange wearing a tutu and a pair of leotards, a ballerina would be unable to plie or pirouette while wearing tap shoes. Wearing the appropriate attire for a certain dance routine even creates an air of appeal and interest even before the dancer steps foot on stage. How a dancer presents himself to his audience shows character, and carefully prepared dancewear can boost dancers’ confidence. This confidence then manifests itself in the dance routine, making it easier for the dancer and more enthralling and captivating for the audience.

Regardless of the genre, or type of dance that an individual wants to perform, the primary purpose of any dancewear is to make the individual feel comfortable in his outfit. Aside from looking good, or the aesthetic appeal of the clothes that the dancer wears, dancewear also needs to be functional, in the sense that it will stay in place no matter how many times the performer jumps, kicks, or spins during the routine. Ill-prepared dance apparel, such as shoes that don’t fit well, or pants that are too long, can cause accidents which can lead to serious injury. At the very least, there is a risk of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction happening. The possibility of sustaining cuts and other injuries from some types of modern dance such as capoeira and even street dancing also emphasizes the importance of wearing the right gear. Dancewear should be made of sturdy material that is strong enough to take the rigors of even the most complicated dance moves.

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