How To Shape Up Your Body With Salsa Dancing

You probably might have tried several exercise regimens and end up being frustrated and most of the time not being able to finish the course as you’re just tired of the demand and repetitiveness – and most of the time not seeing any results. If you are looking for a new way to loose those fats and burn those calories, then should give salsa dancing a try. Experts agree that dancing salsa can burn up to 10 calories per minute. What’s nice is anyone can do salsa dancing. It’s not just dancing, it’s also an excellent exercise of which includes anaerobic and aerobic workouts. Just a single session of salsa dancing can get you rejuvenated – it could make you feel good and at the same time have fun.

Salsa dancing is one of the best ways to enjoy yourself while also getting in shape. Compared to most exercise programs, it does not include very intense and strenuous movements, but it does tone you body as it is an excellent cardio workout.

If you would notice long time salsa dancers have an excellent body shape because of lot of muscles groups are being used. Most of the muscle groups that are involved during a casual salsa dance includes: hamstrings, calf muscles, triceps, shoulders muscles, quadriceps and hip muscles.

Salsa is also an excellent exercise choice because it combines individual dance routines that can also be paired up with a partner. Though it could be done alone, having a partner makes salsa dancing more appealing.

A night of dancing is an excellent workout. If you are just learning to salsa dance you most likely will be working anaerobically. But as you progress with your dancing, and can do quicker salsa movements with more complex forms – it could give the maximum benefit to your shape as you would be working out in high intensity levels.

It would be enjoyable and more motivation if you’ll do your dancing with a group, so be sure to check out your local salsa club to get you started. But don’t forget, a good workout routine also entails eating right. So, drink plenty of water, eat your greens, eat lots of healthy nuts like cashews and almonds (stay away from peanuts as these are very fattening), and don’t forget that fruits are your best friend.

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