Spice It Up With Salsa!

Dance is a true form of self-expression, reflecting one’s persona and socio-cultural background. The broad term “dancing” comprises of a variety of styles, originated from the different geographical locations. Taken birth in New York and influenced by the Latin American moves, is an out-of-the-ordinary dance form, known as Salsa. It is a spicy mixture of different dance moves. Over the time, Salsa has evolved over time with a progressive contribution of a larger number of eager learners has been observed. Today, numerous styles of salsa exist and are being danced upon, each having different steps and moves, which make Salsa one of the most exciting forms of dance. Let us take a look at a few sizzling moves that makes up Salsa.

Close Hold

As you know that Salsa requires you to dance with a partner, this move teaches how to hold your partner correctly. With close hold, the lead dancer puts his left arm on the side of the partner and the right arm behind the partner’s back. If done incorrectly, it will lead to restricted movements and will not be comfortable for either of the partners. In addition, it will not be a pleasant sight to look at.

Cross-Body Lead

Cross-Body lead involves both the partners switching their positions. As the dance progresses to an advanced stage, numerous variations become a part of the dance routine. The general term, however, refers to the position of both the male and the female being swapped flawlessly at the end of the step.


Guapea is also known as the Cuban Basic step. In this step, the leaders face clockwise while all the followers face in the anti-clockwise direction. The male partner holds the female’s right hand with his left. The female usually grabs the male partner’s thumb. This move is such that it can be repeated if there is no other move in the dance.

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